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    Jeffly commented  · 

    The new email notifications are ill-conceived. With the old system I got mails with subject "One of your alerts has been solved!" and "One of your guesses has been confirmed/rejected". These were very useful. Now I get "New Comment" and "New Proposal!". But I don't want to be informed about each and every comment on a request I follow. Also, I am usually not interested in non-confirmed proposals. Both are of interest only if they consider the own requests. But currently "New Comment" and "New Proposal!" notifications do not distinguish between "Follows" and own requests.

    But the main problem for me is: currently there is no notification about proposal confirmations. So, if I press the "follow" button after a proposal has alrady been made, and if this proposal is confirmed afterwards then I will not get any information about this confirmation, even if I was the one who made the proposal (unless I permamently check my confirmed proposals and/or my confirmed follows lists - which I do not want). And what about the proposals/guesses that have been made with the old version and that are confirmed with the new version? (Sometimes there are still emails with subject "One of your alerts has been solved!" that concern older guesses, but surprisingly, these guesses are not displayed as confimed.)

    My suggestion: The old email notification system should be integrated into the new one. Additionally, each user should be able to make settings in his/her profile on which event (comment, proposal, confirmation, rejection) at a request he/she follows he/she wants to get a notification.

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