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Add more flags to describe samples

When describing samples, posters tend to describe some common qualities of the sample as they post

^ - Loud - The sample is loud, or has spikes in volume that are loud and may hurt a listener's ears.
v - Soft - The volume of the sample is low in whole or in part and may need amplification to be heard
= - Interrupted - The audio sample is interrupted by either a dropout of the audio recording or by ambient noises, such as objects falling or other people talking over the sample.
# - Offensive - The audio sample contains explicit lyrics or sounds of a mature nature.
+ - Tempo - poster suspects the sample was either sped up or slowed down during mixing or editing.
x - Short - audio sample is less than five (5) seconds in length

The poster reports that one or more other services have already failed to identify the sample:
A - Audiotag.Info
D - Soundhound
M - Shazam
O - Other

The Submit a Sample form should include checkboxes for: Loud,Soft, Interrupted, Tempo, and Offensive. When the sample is recorded or uploaded, the sample should be checked for Short automatically.

The Submit a sample form should also ask which other services failed to identify the sample: Audiotag.Info,Soundhound, Shazam, or Other

On a listing of a sample, each of these qualities could be indicated by a symbol or letter, as suggested above. For instance, the first line in a sample writeup might read:

Rock - German ^=#DM

...to indicate a loud Geman rock song with lyrics that contain profanity and was interrupted by dropouts in the recording, and was missed by Soundhound and Shazam.

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